Advanced Statistics (AdvSTAT)


The T3 ADV STAT Institute is a week long professional development program for secondary mathematics instructors using the TI-83 to prepare for teaching a senior level statistics course. The Institute's activities will focus on the exploration of statistical concepts and problems that are the core of the Advanced Placement Statistics Curriculum, with a strong emphasis on inferential statistics. Participants will take part in hands-on investigations modeling effective classroom use of technology for teaching statistics. The goal of the institute's program is to instruct teachers to effectively teach Advanced Placement Statistics using technology in the spirit of NCTM's Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 1989), Professional Teaching Standards (NCTM, 1991) and Assessment Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 1995).


The objectives of the T3 ADV STAT Institute are:

  1. To develop teachers' familiarity and facility with the TI-83,
  2. To provide models in the exploration/investigation mode of teaching secondary mathematics,
  3. To provide teachers with experience in problem situations similar to those on the Advanced Placement examination,
  4. To develop teachers' understanding of statistical processes and reasoning,
  5. To provide examples and explorations that will be useful in preparing students to pass an introductory university statistics course.

Targeted Audience:

Participants in the ADV STAT institute should be those interested in teaching statistics as a course or in teaching an Advanced Placement course. Teachers of introductory statistics courses from two year or community colleges might also find the content and examples useful. Knowledge of beginning exploratory data analysis and probability will be assumed.


Topic 1: Exploring Data

Summarizing data
One variable statistics
Standardized scores

Topic 2: Experimental Design

Experiment, Observational Study
Types of Experiments
Effect of Extraneous Variables

Topic 3: Probability and Simulations

Probability Theory
Random Variables
Random Binomials

Topic 4: Normal Distribution

Standard Normal Curve
Normal Curves
Probability Density Functions
Cumulative Probability Density Functions

Topic 5: Inferential Statistics

Confidence Intervals for Proportions
Central Limit Theorem

Topic 6: Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing for Proportions
Hypothesis Testing for Means
Chi-Square Tests
Inference for Regression

Author: Calvin L. Williams, Mathematical Sciences-Clemson University, Clemson University
Last updated: February 23, 1999
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