Mathematical Sciences 981
Special Topics in Applied Statistics:
Modern Statistical Computing Environments
Instructor: Calvin L. Williams, Ph.D.
Summer II 2000 MTWThF 1:30-2:45 PM


The statistical community has during the last 10 years experienced a significant transformation stimulated by the technological developments in statistical computing environments, theoretical developments in stochastic based inference and simulation. This course is designed to give participants insight in the use of modern statistical computing environments, and their impact on how we do statistics.

All notes will be supplied on the course web page along with example code, case studies, and projects for the course. University based researchers, investigators, students with statistical investigations are welcome to bring their projects, data, and research motivations for discussion. Time permitting participants will conduct preliminary investigations and offer some initial insight on the appropriate statistical computing environment for the posed problem.

This course will suit recent students of MthSc 405/605/805 and can be considered preparatory for those students interested in advanced courses in data analysis, namely 882 Monte Carlo Methods and 885 Advanced Data Analysis.

Statistical Computing Environments

Course WWW and FTP

There is a www for this course. To find it point to: There is also a ftp for those without a www browser use files for this course will be in the /Williams/MthSc981 directory. Both are still under construction.

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