Mathematical Sciences 301

Statistical Theory and Methods I

Instructor: Calvin L. Williams, Ph.D.

Text: Introduction to the Practice of Statistics.

Authors: Moore and McCabe

Course Objective

This course is designed to introduce statistics to students of business, management and other areas. In light of it's introductory nature students will be introduced to data exploration, both numerically and graphically, data analysis by computational as well as conceptual means, experimental design and statistical inference.

Calculator Recommendation

It is highly recommended that you have a TI-89 calculator or atleast a TI-83 plus for this class. It will aid in making calculations and statistical analysis setup easy, which will allow for a more in depth study of the concepts discussed in class. These calculators are not inexpensive, but realize that you will be able to use them in other classes, (math sciences, business, engineering, etc.) as well. As an additional cost cutting measure, below are links to other sources, besides our local bookstores, that will in most cases give you a better price.


Syllabus in html Format

Data from Moore and McCabe in Ascii Format

Assignments & Solutions


Disclaimer: The following packages are used at your own risk.NTTATWWT. They are included here for students to experiment with.



  • NumberCruncherStatisticalSystem (NCSS 6.0 Jr-Demo) IBM PC

  • Data Desk IBM/MAC

  • SchoolStat MAC

    Helpful Statistics Sites

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