Mathematical Sciences 800
Instructor: Calvin L. Williams, Ph.D.
Fall 2007 TTH 11:00-12:15

Text: A First Course in Probability-Author:Sheldon Ross

Supplement: Introduction to S-Plus for Unix(Kuonen).

Supplement: Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus (Yakir).

Supplement: R Introduction (R Development Team).

Supplement: R Introduction (Venables,

Course Objective

This is a course in intermediate probability. This course will study the basics of probability theory using methods of quantitative analysis for solving problems that occur in operations research, statistics, as well as other areas of applied mathematics. Topics include axiomatic probability, combinatorial probability, expectation, function of random variables, moment generating and characteristic functions, distribution theory, and limit theorems.

Students taking MthSc 800 are expected to have had a course in multivariate calculus. Students are also expected to have some exposure to probability from a relative frequency perspective but it is not required.

Statistical Computing Environments

Author: Calvin L. Williams, Mathematical Sciences-Clemson University, Clemson University
Last updated: August 23, 2007
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