Mathematical Sciences 807

Applied Multivariate Analysis

Instructor: Calvin L. Williams, Ph.D.

Text: Methods of Multivariate Analysis

Author : Alvin C. Rencher

Supplementary Texts: Multivariate Statistics in R (Highly recommended)

Applied Multivariate Statistics with SAS Software-Authors: Khattree and Naik

Course Objective

Multivariate data through experimentation and observation occur quite often in engineering, business, social sciences, as well as biological and physical sciences. This is a course in applied multivariate data analysis. It will cover descriptive and graphical methods for continuous multivariate data, the multivariate normal, multivariate tests of means, covariances and equality of distributions, univariate and multivariate regression and their comparisons, multivariate analysis of variance, covariance structure models, and discrimination and classification. Furthermore it should be emphasized that this course and hence the chosen text, is designed around the application of multivariate techniques to continuous data, time allowing we will endeavor to discuss methods of discrete multivariate analysis from prepared class notes. Students will learn how to use statistical software to facilitate the understanding of the foundations of multivariate analysis. Statistical packages will include R,Matlab, and SAS.

Course Syllabus:

  • Syllabus

    Computing Information

  • Useful SAS Code

  • Useful Matlab Code

  • Useful R Code

    Data Sets....Updated and Corrected Frequently. Updated April 20, 2011

    Disclaimer: These data sets are copyrighted and are available for use only by students in Mathematical Sciences 807 Applied Multivariate Statistics. Any other use is forbidden.

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