Mathematical Sciences 885
Advanced Data Analysis
Instructor: Calvin L. Williams, Ph.D.
Spring 2007 MWF 2:30-3:20

Texts: Applied Stochastic Modeling--Author: B.J.T. Morgan

Supplement: Introduction to S-Plus for Unix(Kuonen).

Supplement: Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus (Yakir).

Supplement: R Introduction (R Development Team).

Supplement: R Introduction (Venables,

Course Objective

The statistical community has during the last 10 years experienced a significant transformation stimulated by the technological developments in statistical computing environments, theoretical developments in stochastic based inference and simulation. This course is designed to give participants insight in the use of modern statistical computing environments, and their impact on how we do statistics. More specifically how we used these environments to analyze data and using these analyses to model processes.

This course will suit recent students of MthSc 405/605/805 and can be considered preparatory for those students interested in advanced courses in data analysis, namely 882 Monte Carlo Methods.

Statistical Computing Environments

MthSc885 Class Datasets:
  • MthSc885 Data
    MthSc885 R (S-Plus) Code:
  • R (S-Plus) Code
    MthSc885 Some SAS Code:
  • SAS Code
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