Chris Cox

Christopher L. Cox

Professor of Mathematical Sciences
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 1984.
MS, Carnegie Mellon University, 1980.
BS, Grove City College, 1978.

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Recent Publications

* C.L. Cox, P.J. Brown, and J.C. Larzelere, "Simulation of C-CP fiber-based air filtration", Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, to appear.
* Y.-P. Jeon and C.L. Cox, CL, "Modeling of multifilament fiber melt-spinning", Journal of Applied Polymer Science, to appear.
* Fowler, KR, Jenkins, EW, Cox, CL, McClune, B, and Seyfzadeh, B, "Design analysis of polymer filtration using a multi-objective genetic algorithm", Separation Science and Technology, Volume 43, Number 4 (March 2008), pp. 710-726.
* Christopher Cox, Hyesuk Lee, and David Szurley, "Finite element approximation of the non-isothermal Stokes-Oldroyd equations", International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling, Vol. 4, (3-4), 425-440, 2007.
* A. Makradi, C.L. Cox, S. Ahzi, and S. Belouettar, "Post Processing of Polymeric Fibers: Multiscale Micromechanical Modeling of Multiphase Solid Polymer under Finite Deformation and Strain Induced Crystallisation", Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 100, 2259-2266 2006.
* C.D. Carlson, Jr. and C.L. Cox, "A combined industrial/academic perspective on fiber and film process modeling", Mathematics for Industry: Challenges and Frontiers. A Process View: Practice and Theory, D. R. Ferguson and T. J. Peters (eds.), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, pp. 222-238, 2005.
* C.H. Swannack, C.L. Cox, A. Liakos, D. Hirt, "A 3 Dimensional Simulation of Barrier Properties of Nanocomposite Films", Journal of Membrane Science, 263 (1-2): 47-56, 2005.
* T.F. Chen, C.L. Cox, H. Merdun, and V. Quisenberry, "An Adaptive-Grid Least Squares Finite Element Solution for Flow in Layered Soils", Third International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applications, June 29 - July 3, 2004, Rousse, Bulgaria, Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 3401, 228-235, 2005.
* C. L. Cox, E. Duffy, and J. B. von Oehsen, "FISIM: The CAEFF Integrated Model for Simulation of Fiber and Film Processes", Plastics, Rubber & Composites: Macromolecular Engineering, 33 (9-10): 426-437, 2004.
* L.K. Waters, G.J. Fix, and C.L. Cox, "On the Method of Glowinski and Pironneau for the Unsteady Stokes Problem", Computers & Mathematics with Applications 48 (7-8): 1191-1211 Oct 2004.
* X. He, C.L. Cox, and M.S. Ellison, "Simulation of TLCP Deformation During Isothermal Melt Spinning of In-Situ Composite Fibers," Journal of Macromolecular Science: Part B-Physics, Vol. B43, No. 2, 2004, 309-328.
* J.B. von Oehsen, C.L. Cox, E. C. Cyr, and B.A. Malloy, "Using Design Patterns and XML to Construct an Extensible Finite Element System, " Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science, Part III, April 21-24, 2002, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 2331, Springer-Verlag 2002, 735-744.

Contact Information

Christopher L. Cox
Mathematical Sciences
O-224 Martin Hall
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0975
Voice: (864) 656-5203
FAX: (864) 656-5230