The deal.II/ASPECT virtual machine image

This is the website for the VirtualBox virtual machine image to run deal.II on any windows/mac/linux machines, without having to install deal.II or its dependencies manually.
We often use this virtual machine image to run tutorials across the world. Please see the Info Page for more information including the software that is included.
Source code is available on github: including a changelog.

version deal.II version released download info
1.22 9.4.0 09/28/2022 mirror1: dealvm_1.22.ova
mirror2: dealvm_1.22.ova
mirror3: dealvm_1.22.ova
size: 6.2GB
md5: d287144736ef37f453933b2c24399665
sha1: fa1e215a42dc145b4da14cee71e7af30f8a7e6ea
1.21 9.3.3 06/14/2021 mirror1: dealvm_1.21.ova
mirror2: dealvm_1.21.ova
mirror3: dealvm_1.21.ova
size: 5.0GB
md5: 2655ccd6436f0fbc145449befce5bd6c
sha1: d52df40eb7d9fe9e839562c7d43e580535d0811f

Info Page

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Contact: Timo Heister