Department of Mathematical Sciences
Research Training Group in Coding Theory, Cryptography, and Number Theory

The coding theory, cryptography, and number theory groups at Clemson University will be supported by RTG grant DMS-1547399. This page will be expanded as the program progresses; this initial page is to begin to disseminate information for the purposes of recruiting students and providing general information.

RTG Faculty

Jim Brown (picture)

Jim Brown

Shuhong Gao (picture)

Shuhong Gao

Kevin James (picture)

Kevin James

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Felice Manganiello

Gretchen Matthews (picture)

Gretchen Matthews

RTG programs for undergraduates

The following are programs aimed at undergraduates.

  • REU: Beginning in the summer of 2017 we will host an REU in Cryptography, Coding Theory, and Number Theory at Clemson University. We will select 6-9 students to participate in this program each summer. Each REU participant will receive $4,000 as a stipend, reimbursement up to $500 for travel, $800 for subsistence, and provide shared accommodations for 8 weeks.
  • REU conference: Each summer Clemson University will host an REU conference for regional REUs to showcase the research their participants have conducted that summer.
  • pREU: Beginning in the summer of 2017 we will host a pre-REU. This program is designed for students interested in doing an REU that do not have the background knowledge to be prepared to contribute to an REU. This program will help prepare such students to participate in an REU the following summer. Five students will be chosen each summer to participate in this program. Each pREU participant will receive $3,400 as a stipend, reimbursement up to $500 for travel, $600 for subsistence, and shared accommodations for 5 weeks.
  • Creative inquiry: The RTG faculty will run creative inquiry groups in projects that help prepare Clemson undergraduates to participate in REUs in cryptography, coding theory, and number theory.
  • GRE prep: A course prepping undergraduates to take the GRE subject test in mathematics will be staffed by a graduate student each year.
  • Introduction to Cryptography course: We will offer an Introduction to Cryptography course each year aimed at freshmen and sophomore students with minimal background. This will serve as an early introduction to mathematics other than the typical calculus classes encountered by students in their first two years of college.

RTG programs for graduate students

The following are programs aimed at graduate students.

  • Graduate student support: We will fund three advanced RTG graduate students (US citizens or permanent residents) each year at $25,000 per year plus tuition.
  • Graduate student travel funding: We will provide funding for RTG graduate students to travel to attend conferences.
  • Bridge course: Each summer we will run a bridge course aimed at helping students interested in cryptography, coding theory, and number theory transition more easily into research with less difficulty. Six students will be funded at $1,600 to participate in this bridge program, though it will be open to any student that wishes to attend.
  • Prelim prep: Each year a senior graduate student in the RTG program will run a prelim preparation course to assist students in preparing for and passing prelims in a timely manner.
  • Innovative teaching experience: RTG graduate students will spend two semesters assigned to a faculty member and assist in preparing and teaching an upper division undergraduate course.
  • Graduate student involvement: RTG graduate students will serve as mentors in the pREU and REU programs. Gaining undergraduate research mentoring experience will greatly enhance the graduate student's job prospects upon graduation.

Other RTG programs

The following are further programs to be sponsored by the RTG.

  • Postdoctoral faculty: The RTG will support a postdoc during years 1-3 of the grant and a second postdoc during years 3-5.
  • RTG Seminar: This seminar will host speakers relevant to the research areas of the RTG. Many of the speakers will give a 45 minute pre-seminar talk exclusively for graduate students following by a 50 minute seminar talk. In addition, each year we will host an extended seminar speaker that will give a series of 4-5 talks over a week long visit.
  • Reading groups: Each semester the RTG faculty, postdoctoral faculty, and graduate students will conduct reading groups. These will start by reading a paper of interest to the entire group and lead into working on collaborative research projects based on the papers read.
  • Early career workshop: Each summer Clemson University will host a one-week Early Career Research Workshop in Coding Theory, Cryptography, and Number Theory, aimed at postdocs and junior faculty. Three prominent researchers that have demonstrated success in mentoring postdocs will be invited to lead research teams consisting of postdocs and junior faculty (and possibly advanced graduate students when appropriate.)