Math 153

Quiz Description

You will be given a 20 minute in class quiz once a week in recitation. These quizzes will consist of 2 rountine problems and one more challenging problem. It is not expected that everyone will get all of the problems all of the time, but if you are having difficulty with the first two problems on a quiz you should get help from myself or Lingfei. The quiz grade comprises 5% of your final grade. However, if you do not participate in recitation actively you will NOT be eligible to obtain the points from your quizzes. In other words, if you are not an active participant in recitation, you will get a 0% quiz grade even if you got every quiz problem correct during the semester. Quizzes and solutions will be posted on this page after you take them.

Quiz 1 (Not for a grade!!!)

Quiz 1 solutions

Quiz 2

Quiz 2 solutions

Quiz 3

Quiz 3 solutions

Quiz 4

Quiz 4 solutions

Quiz 5

Quiz 5 solutions

Quiz 6

Quiz 6 solutions

Quiz 7

Quiz 7 solutions

Quiz 8

Quiz 8 solutions