Math 153

Recitation Description

The recitation section for this class will be run differently then what you have probably come to expect from a recitation. The instructor will not merely stand at the board and answer questions you ask him. You will be expected to have worked on any problems you ask. He will have you split into groups at the beginning of class, 3-4 people per group. He will solicit from you problems you had difficulty solving. In your groups you will work TOGETHER to solve these problems. Lingfei will circulate the room, giving hints when needed. You will be expected, as a group, to then present your solution at the board if Lingfei calls upon you or if you volunteer. You MUST be an active participant in recitation! If Lingfei determines that during the term you were not active, you will NOT receive the 5% quiz portion of your final grade. For especially difficult problems Lingfei may alternatively present solutions at his discretion. However, do NOT show up to recitation expecting to sit back and watch for 48 minutes. Please keep in mind that being able to solve a problem yourself and being able to effectively communicate that solutions to others is not the same thing. Even if you solved the homework problem on your own, it will still benefit you to help others understand the solution.