Math 573

Term Paper

Ten percent of your final grade is a final term paper. The subject of the paper is to be something in number theory that we have not covered in class. It is expected the paper be typed and around 10 pages long. It should contain a history of the problem you are investigating as well as a reasonable about of mathematics at a level similar to what has been done thus far this term. The due date is May 29 by the beginning of class. You are welcome to turn in rough drafts or stop by my office to discuss any questions you have about the paper.

It is recommended you typeset your paper in Latex. A sample template is provided as well what the sample looks like after running Latex on it. Links to where you can obtain latex are also provided:

Here are the scanned in term papers that were turned in. Names have been blacked out to protect identities. You should feel free to read them as they are a good way to learn some more number theory we did not have time to cover in class.