Math 573

The homework assignments will be collected on the due date at the BEGINNING of class. Late homework assignments will NOT be accepted! Handed in homework assignments should reflect your best effort. In other words, scrapwork and messy assignments should not be turned in. You should plan to first figure out the proofs on scrap paper, then write a rough draft of the proof, and finally write a neat proof free of errors and easy to read to hand in. I reserve the right to NOT grade homework that is illegible or excessively sloppy. Please note that part of your assignment each day is to read the section before and after class. Before class you should skim the section to have an idea of what we are going to talk about. After class you should read the section carefully to make sure you understand what is in the section. You may also wish to do more problems then are assigned to make sure you understand all of the concepts!

The grader for the course this term is Vaidy Sivaraman ( He will be grading the even problems on the homework. If you have a question as to how one of those was graded, please contact him. Remember there are a lot of homework points over the term, so please don't haggle over every single point. Also, keep in mind you may have lost points because you were unclear in your proof or your writing was poor. Being able to go back and explain what you were doing after the fact does not earn points on what was turned in poorly written.

Homework Assignments

Individual Homework
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