MTHSC 106 Syllabus
Fall Semester 2001

Instructor: Kevin James
Office: O-21 Martin Hall
  • (864) 656-6766 (office)
  • (864) 656-3434 (Dept)

    Office Hours

    These hours are subject to change. Check my webpage for an up to date listing of office hours.


    The text for this course is ``Calculus'', 4-th edition. by Stewart .

    Grading Policies

    The grading in this class will be as follows:

    Homework will be given frequently but not taken up. Quizes will be given randomly at the end of class. Attendance will count for 3% of your final course grade.

    Make-up Policy

    Absolutely NO late homework will be accepted and there will be No make-ups for missed quizes.
    NOTE: For a detailed course description and further information such as exam dates, etc. see the departmental Math 106 syllabus which can be found on the Calculus homepage .