2009 Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Computational Number Theory and Combinatorics
Research Projects

Please note that some of these works are still in progress!

Graph NIM

This group consisted of Sarah Legget, Stephanie Thomas, Bryce Richards and Nathan Sitaraman. They studied a generalization of the game of NIM to graphs. In particular they attempted to characterize which types and sizes of graphs favor a certain player.

REU Report

Modular Forms of weight 3/2

This group consisted of Allen Gehret, Alexa Kottmeyer and Nick Salter. They studied modular forms of half integral weight. They focused on building bases for spaces of modular forms of a given level and character and with weight 3/2 which are made up of well understood modular forms.

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Jordanizing Matrices and Collecting Coupons

This group consisted of Scott Atkinson, Jeannette Brown and Tyler Lemburg. They studied Jordanizing matrices. Given a matrix A with Jordan form J there are many choices of matrices P such that PAP^{-1}=J. This group developed methods for producing matrices P which are in some sense as nice as possible. They applied these methods to the coupon collector problems, completely analyzing in particular the case in which two copies of each coupon are to be collected.

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