Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Computational Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics and Number Theory
Clemson University
Clemson South Carolina

Undergraduate students who have a solid background in mathematics and some knowledge of computation are invited to apply for an eight-week research experience in computational algebraic geometry, combinatorics and number theory to be held at Clemson University. Participants will be offered up to $500 in travel support, a dorm room to be shared with other participants in the REU, up to $800 for meals and a stipend of $3,400 in return for their participation in this program.

Participants will be introduced to various tools, techniques and problems from computational algebraic geometry, combinatorics and number theory. The participants will be divided into teams of two or three. Each team will then pick a problem on which to focus for the remainder of the REU. The goal of the program will be to help students attain a higher level of independence in mathematical research by giving them the opportunity to take part in a significant and interesting research project. For the first two weeks of the program participants will meet daily with their supervisers. As time progresses, these meetings will become less frequent in order to allow the students to reach an increased level of independence. Participants will be strongly encouraged to pursue the publishing of their results in a suitable mathematical journal. Students will also be encouraged to attend the SouthEast Regional Meeting On Numbers (SERMON) in the spring of the following year and present their work there.