Research Interests

Loosely speaking, I am interested in algebra, combinatorics, discrete dynamical systems, and mathematical biology. I have a special affinity for problems in the intersection of these topics.

I love to collaborate, explore interesting new ideas, expand my breadth, and learn new things. If you're interested in talking about my work, your work that I might be interested in, or anything inbetween, don't hestitate to contact me!

Like many people, I am constantly grappling with finding the ideal balance of research breadth vs. depth. One of the downsides of having a wide breadth of interests is the inordinate amount of cumulative peer review requests I get, from journals in pure math (combinatorics, algebra), applied math, mathematical biology, bioinformatics, computer science, physics, and engineering.


You can find my complete publication list on my CV. I post most of my papers to the arXiv. Though they are scattered across math, q-bio, and cs subject-classes, the complete list can be found here.

I sometimes wait until an interesting date to post a paper. Thus far, I have papers time-stamped with the following dates, in spirit with the Stone Vertical Epic Ales, 8/8/08, 9/9/09, 10/10/10, and 11/11/11, several leap days: 2/29/08, 2/29/12, and 2/29/20, and birthdays and anniversaries. I also like to hide "secret messages" in arXiv papers, sometimes related to the posting date. Three such examples includes ones from 10/21/15, 11/8/16, and this one. Can you find them?

Frequently asked questions