Shuhong Gao

Office: O-301, Martin Hall 
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 Applicable and Computational Algebra Lab

Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University.


BSc, MSc (83,86, Mathematics, Sichuan University, China).
PhD (93, Combinatorics and Optimization, University of Waterloo).
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow (93-95, Computer Science, University of Toronto).


  Fall 2012       MTHSC 850: Topics in Coding Theory

Previous courses

Research Interests

Sample problems include the discrete logarithm problem,  systems of polynomials (linear and nonlinear),  factoring integers and polynomials (univariate and multivariate),  primary decomposition, decoding of algebraic geometry codes, quantum algorithms for the hidden subgroup problem, reverse engineering of gene networks.

Publications available here.

Professional Activities

On the Editorial Board of

Book: Applications of Finite Fields Alfred J. Menezes, Ian F. Blake, XuHong Gao, Ronald C. Mullin, Scott A. Vanstone, and Tomic Yaghoobian, Kluwer, Boston/Dordrecht/Lancaster, 1993.

PhD Thesis: Normal Bases over Finite Fields gzipped PS file (413K) or PDF file (559K) .

Seminar:   Algebra and Discrete Math Seminar (ADM).

Shuhong Gao 
Department of Mathematical Sciences 
Clemson University 
Clemson, SC 29634-0975 
Phone: (864) 656 2729Fax: (864) 656 5230