Applicable Algebra Lab


Joel Brawley, Professor                                 Shuhong Gao, Professor

Jennifer D. Key, Professor                
Hiren Maharaj, Assistant Professor

Gretchen Matthews, Assistant Professor

 Current Students

Genhua Guan, PhD                          Jirapha Limbupasiriporn, PhD

Mark Liu, PhD                          Prasit   Limbupasiriporn, PhD

Jang-Woo Park, PhD                      Padmapani Seneviratne, PhD

Raymond Heindl, MS              Mingfu Zhu, MS

  Past Students

Jeff Farr (PhD, 2003)                 Virgínia M. Rodrigues  (PhD 2003)

  Peng Ding (PhD, 2000)           Kelle L. Clark (PhD, 2000)

  Donald Mills  (PhD, 1999)            

  Frank D. Shobe (PhD, 1997)        Laura Carpenter (PhD, 1996)

  Andrea McMakin (MS, 2000)    Chris Woodard (MS, 2000)

  Jason  Howell (MS, 1998)          Chris Seawright (MS, 1998)

  Jill Cuneaz (MS, 1997)

Joel Brawley

PhD, N. C. State University, 1964
Alumni Distinguished Professor of Mathematical Sciences

Professor Brawley's main research interest is in finite field theory and applications. He has over 60 publications, and has coauthored with Schnibben a book  Infinite Algebraic Extensions of Finite Fields. He has been a consultant for National Security Agency since 1975.  His honors include Clemson University Board of Trustees Award of Excellence (1999, 2000), Mathematical Association of America Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award (1999), South Carolina Governor's Distinguished Professor (1995-96),  and Clemson "Class of '39 Award for Excellence" (1989).   Visit his personal web page here.

Jeff Farr

M.S. Clemson University, 1999
B.S. Bob Jones University, 1998

Jeff is a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. His  research area is Algebra/Discrete Math. Particular interests include field and  ring theory, combinatorics, Groebner bases, and error-correcting codes.  Currently, he is working with Shuhong Gao on a new algorithm for decoding  Hermitian codes. Visit Jeff's personal page here.

Dr. Shuhong Gao

PhD, University of Waterloo, 1993
Professor of Mathematical Sciences

Professor Gao's research areas include finite fields, cryptography, coding theory, computer algebra, combinatorial designs, and algorithmic number theory. He has over 30 publications, and has coauthored with Menezes et al. a book Applications of Finite Fields. He is on the Editorial Board of the international journal  Designs, Codes and Cryptography. Please visit his personal page for more information.

Dr. Jennifer D. Key

PhD , Queen Elizabeth College, University of London, 1969
Professor of Mathematical Sciences

Professor Key's main research interests include finite geometry, combinatorial designs, error-correcting codes, and groups. She has over 60 publications, and has coauthored with Assmus a book Designs and their Codes. She is an Editor in Chief for the international journal Designs, Codes and Cryptography.  Please visit her personal web page for more information.

Jirapha Limbupasiriporn

 M.S.  Clemson University, 1999

Jira is a Ph.D student at Clemson University in Mathematical Sciences. Her areas of interest include group theory, finite field theory, and coding theory.  She is presently working with Dr. J. D. Key and Dr. Shuhong Gao on problems in algebraic error-correcting codes.

Todd Mateer

M.S.  Clemson University  2000
B.S.E.E.  Grove City College 1997
B.S.  Grove City College 1996

Todd has just completed his third year of graduate studies at Clemson University and is now on leave with a full-time position with the Department of Defense.  For his Master's thesis, he compared video poker machines in South Carolina with those in Las Vegas as a part of South Carolina's 1999 referendum on the game.  A summary of this research in PDF format can be found here.  Recently, he has begun to study solving sparse linear systems over finite fields and black boxes associated with techniques of solving such systems.  A copy of his resume can be found here.

Virgínia M. Rodrigues

M.S. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 1995

Virgínia is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  She received a scholarship from Brazilian government to support her studies in Clemson. Her advisor is Shuhong Gao with whom she is currently working on factorization of multivariate polynomials and related problems.  Her research interests include finite fields, algorithmic number theory, cryptography, and computer algebra. Clic here to visit her web page.

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