Todd D. Mateer

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Clemson University, Clemson SC 29634



Objective: To obtain an entry level academic position or industry position involving computer programming, mathematical analysis, and/or engineering in which an individual with initiative, a solid work ethic, and previous industry experience can excel and contribute to the success of a company.
Education: CLEMSON UNIVERSITY; Clemson, SC                       GPA:  4.00 / 4.00
M.S. in Mathematical Sciences (Computation / Optimization)
  • Developed C++ and Java visual applications to study various statistical aspects of Video Poker gambling for Master's degree project.  The results of this study were published as articles appearing in several local newspapers as a part of South Carolina's 1999 Video Poker Referendum campaign.
  • Served as instructor for several sections of Introductory Statistics and Precalculus in a role in which I was required to conduct all of the instruction and grading for the courses.
  • Served as tutor in the college's athletic tutoring program which helped athletes to improve their knowledge of course material through evening sessions.
  • Designed virtual reality maze simulation game using C-based OpenGL API on supercomputer utilizing the UNIX operating system
  • Investigated mathematical algorithms used to approximate solutions to the traveling salesman program as applied to the sport of Orienteering
  • Developed C++ classes to perform pattern matching on strands of DNA
May 2000
GROVE CITY COLLEGE; Grove City, PA                   GPA:   3.85 / 4.00 
B.S.E.E. (Electrical Engineering)                                       MGPA: 3.74 / 4.00
  • Degree Program approved by ABET
  • Earned Engineer-in-Training (EIT) rating in state of Pennsylvania
  • Participated as C programmer team member in senior design project of a DSP data acquisition radar-detection direction finding system
May 1997
B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Systems                     MGPA: 3.97 / 4.00
  • Earned the Philip N. Carpenter Senior Mathematics Award
  • Passed Society of Actuaries Examinations 100 and 110

  • Designed interdisciplinary curriculum and became the first Grove City College graduate to receive multiple undergraduate degrees
May 1996
Experience: PROGRAMMER / ANALYST; The Timken Company, Canton, OH
  • Participated as team member in 3-D solid modeling team, writing C language modules using Unigraphics UGOpen API
  • Designed web-based training exercises for new users of our project
  • Completed Unigraphics Master of Design certification program
1997 -1998
SUMMER RESEARCHSHIP; DIMACS Center at Rutgers University, NJ
  • Designed a program utilizing the C language which significantly improved the upper bound of a property of an abstract algebra group.
  • Presented the research at the 1997 national meeting of the American Mathematical Society as an invited speaker.
Summer 1996 
SUMMER INTERNSHIP; Coin-Tel Incorporated, New Castle, PA
  • Designed a database using Microsoft Access to manage the financial information of the company and to prepare relevant reports which resulted in a significant time improvement in the operation of the company
Summer 1996
SENIOR HONORS PROJECT; Grove City College, Grove City, PA
  • Designed a virtual reality application using C-based WorldToolKit 3.0 to simulate electromagnetic concepts; the simulations led to the development of additional simulations being used in the collegeās physics curriculum
  • Researched, recommended, and obtained necessary equipment for project
  • Presented the research using Powerpoint which resulted in me receiving the collegeās Janicki award for outstanding science research
Spring 1996
Activities: Revelation Ringers Touring Handbell Choir 
Clowns for Christ 
Cleveland and Columbus Orienteering Clubs
Awards: Eagle Scout Rank with Silver Palm February 1990