Vincent J. Ervin

Professor of Mathematical Sciences; PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1984.

Research Interest

Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations.


Recent Preprints
  1. Ervin, V.J., Kubacki, M., Layton, W., Moraiti, M., Si, Z., and Trenchea, C., "Partitioned penalty methods for the evolutionary Stokes-Darcy-transport problem," Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, 35, 349-374, (2019).

  2. Ervin, V.J., and Ruiz-Ramirez, J., "A deposition model coupling Stokes’ and Darcy’s equations with nonlinear deposition," Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 340, 151-172, (2018).

  3. Ervin, V.J., Heuer, N., and Roop, J.P., "Regularity of the Solution to 1-D Fractional Order Diffusion Equations," Mathematics of Computation, 87, 2273-2294, (2018).

  4. Ervin, V.J., Lee, H., and Ruiz-Ramirez, J., "Nonlinear Darcy fluid flow with deposition," Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 309, 79-94, (2017).

  5. Ervin, V.J., Fuhrer, T., Heuer, N., and Karkulik, M., "DPG method with optimal test functions for a fractional advection diffusion equation," J. Sci. Comput., 72, 568-585, (2017).

  6. Ervin, V.J., Lee, H., and Salgado, A.J., "Generalized Newtonian fluid flow through a porous medium," J. Math. Anal. Appl., 433, 603-621, (2016).

  7. Ervin, V.J., Kubacki, M., Layton W., Moraiti, M., Si, Z., and Trenchea, C., "On limiting behavior of contaminant transport models in coupled surface and groundwater flows," Axioms, 4, 518-529, (2015).

  8. Ervin, V.J., Macias-Diaz, J.E., Ruiz-Ramirez, J., "A positive and bounded finite element approximation of the generalized Burgers-Huxley equation," J. Math. Anal. Appl., 424, 1143-1160, (2014).

  9. Crowder, T.R., and Ervin, V.J., "Numerical simulations of fluid pressure in the human eye," Appl. Math. Comput., 219, 11119-11133, (2013).

  10. Ervin, V.J., "Approximation of coupled Stokes-Darcy flow in an axisymmetric domain," Comp. Meth. Appl. Mech. Eng., 258, 96-108, (2013).


Vincent J. Ervin
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University
Martin Hall
Clemson, SC 29634-0907
Voice: (864) 656-2193
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