A Level One Header

Now for Some Stuff!

This document is a very short overview of the main features of HTML 1.0. This, for example, is some body text.

This is some more. This includes some emphasis and some strength.

Here's a picture.

This is a list of items:

There are also enumerated lists:
  1. First Item.
  2. Second Item.
There is also a definition list suitable for terms and definitions
A word or abbreviation enclosed by angle bars which indicates certain contextual formatting.
A word or phrase enclosed with the comment tag. This can be very useful for including keywords for certain search engines.
Use a break command for things like Addresses and poetry.

Dan Warner
Clemson University

Beware the Jubjub bird and
Shun the fruminous bandersnatch

Finally, and most importantly there are hypertext links. You can go back to the stuff.

Or you can head to another document like the Beginner's Guide to HTML.