Learning Java


Resources For Learning Java

The Java White Paper.
This white paper provides a succinct technical overview of Java.
The Java API Documentation
This is a copy of the documentation for the Java Application Programming Interface (API), a standard set of class libraries for the Java Development Kit. Unless you invest in an integrated development environment, you will want to bookmark these pages so that you can browse the class library while writing your code. This was the current documentation for JDK 1.0.2 as of May 9, 1996.
Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days.
This is the web support site for the textbook by Laura Lemay and Charles L. Perkins. This site contains a list of typos and technical corrections, as well as links to other Java resources. Note the two corrections to the HelloWorld applet. The publisher, Sams.net Publishing, also maintains a support site for the book.
The Java Tutorial
This is an online draft version of book by Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath. This is the fifth book in The Java Series, to be published by Addison-Wesley this summer.
The Java beta2 Documentation
This is the documentation for the beta 2 release of the JDK. It is dated 12/12/95, but it has some information on the inheritance tree that has not yet been included in the1.0.2 documentation.

General Java Resources

This is the home page for Sun's java web site.
This is Earthweb's Java directory. As of Friday, May 31, Gamelan had links to 2,435 Java resources. This included 212 JavaScript resources.
The Cup O' Joe Java Shop
This site focuses on resources which will be useful to serious developers.
This is a very active newsgroup on Java issues.

Sample pages

Variations on the text book examples.
Hello World Applet
The first sample applet from the book.
Hello Again Applet
The first sample applet as revised in Chapter 8.
The ShapeTester Program and the Supporting Classes
ShapeTester.java [Download]
Shape.java [Download] Assignment: download these classes and add some of your own. If you're timid, try triangles. If you're bold, try polygons. With my version of netscape, I get the text of the class on the screen with both the http link and the ftp link. If that happens to you, just use Netscape's "save as..." command.
The ShapeTester Applet, version 1.
This applet draws rectangles, squares, ellipses, and circles of different colors. It illustrates a few issues about subclassing.
The ShapeTester Applet, version 2.
This applet draws rectangles, squares, ellipses, and circles at different locations specified by the user. The user also specifies the color, height, and width.
Two applications which illustrate aspects of cloning and subclassing.
Clone Test 1 This application illustrates copying and shallow cloning with subclasses.
Clone Test 2 This application illustrates deep cloning and its inheritance with a subclass.
Sun's Demo Applets
These sample applets are supplied with Sun's Java Development kit.
The Tumbling Duke Example
This page demonstrates the applet and provides a link to the source code.
LED Sign Applet by Darrick Brown.
An applet which can take a text file as a script to drive an LED Sign. Very smooth animation.
The game of Tetris. by Nathan Williams an undergraduate at MIT.
The game works well, but there is a lot of flicker, and it doesn't build on the Abstract Windowing Toolkit.