Learning JavaScript


Resources For Learning JavaScript

Netscape's JavaScript Authoring Guide
Not only describes JavaScritp in detail, but makes good use of JavaScript to display the table of contents and the index.
This resource was located by the intredpid explorer, Aravind Sankaran.
JavaScript Handbook by Danny Goodman.
This book starts at a very elementary level. It describes each feature of the language in detail. It explores many facets of the objects built into JavaScript and the Netscape Navigator. There are a great number of carefully worked out examples, and many alerts about bugs on different systems. The book builds to four quite advanced JavaScript applications which can by viewed at this site. IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., ISBN 0-7645-3003-8
This is a moderately active newsgroup on JavaScript issues.

Sample pages

Exploring Java
Most pages in this set of class notes - including this page - contain a short JavaScript to display the date and time that the page was last updated.
Java Exploration Team
The formatted listing on this page is produced by a JavaScript which uses an array of objects. Specifically, there is a student object which has four properties and one method. The properties are: name, emailAddress, wwwServer, and wwwSite. The single method is displayStudent().
Postfix Calculator
This is a slightly modified version of a sample postfix calculator developed by Netscape to show some of the capabilities of JavaScript. Try out the calculator and make a list of all the possible improvements you'd like to see. Then, make them!
Loan Calculator
This is a slightly modified version of a sample loan payment calculator developed by Netscape.
Netscape's JavaScript Tutorial.
This is actually a demo and a tutorial on using multiple frames and Javascript.
Verifying Form Input.
This is a white paper by Gordon McComb on how to use JavaScript to verify the correctness of form input.
Whitetail Butte Gallery
This gallery uses JavaScript extensively to provide a very user friendly environment. For example the onMouseOver is used with links to provide plain English statements in the status bar, which explain what will happen when the link is clicked on.
Andy's Netscape HTTP Cookie Notes
This is a neat page which shows and tells all about cookies. Explorer Dean Heistad found this site.