Exploring Java

MTHSC 481/983

May 21 - June 25, 1996

Guide: Professor Daniel D. Warner, Email: warner@math.clemson.edu

Exploration Team

The exploration team and curious tourists can keep in touch about the new discoveries and ask questions about pitfallls and problems through the MTHSC481-983 discussion list. This is an open list that is available to anyone who wants to keep track of the action. Once you've subscribed, simply post a message by sending it as email to mthsc481-983@math.clemson.edu.

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The class will cover:
  1. HTML, the Hypertext Markup Language. This will include the role of this markup language and its basic structure. This will occupy about 2 days, although new tags and attributes will be introduced throughout the course. The May 31 edition of InterNIC's Scout Report includes a number of references to the new devleopments with HTML 3.2.
  2. JavaScript, the scripting language developed by Netscape which reflects much of the Java features in a higher level scripting environment, and which has been offered as an open standard to the Internet committee. This will occupy about 5 days, although JavaScript will probably play a key role in many of the projects.
  3. JAVA, the new "buzz-word" compliant programming language which is designed to be

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