Calculus of One Variable, I

MTHSC 106 Sections 18 and 19

This is the public home page for MTHSC 106, Sections 18 and 19. These sections are being taught by Professor Daniel D. Warner, and Ms. Erin K. McNelis. These sections are special sections which are designed for majors in the Life Sciences as well as majors in Math and Science Education.

These sections have two particular features which distinguish them from all other sections of MTHSC 106.

All class notes and resources for the course are hosted on the course's WebCT site. Copies of the syllabus and the Maple worksheets are also stored in this public site.



The required text for the course is the preliminary version of:

Calculus: Mathematics and Modeling with Maple
by Wade Ellis, Jr., William C. Bauldry, Joseph R. Fiedler,
Frank R. Giordana, Phoebe T. Judson, Ed Lodi, Ridhard Vitray,
Richard D. West, and Daniel D. Warner
Book Cover
The preliminary version of this book will be available in the CU Bookstore as a series of class notes.


A detailed Maple supplement for the textbook is available online. It includes all the examples in the book and occasional exercises. The supplement can be viewed as a series of web pages, CMMM.html, or as a downloadable Maple worksheet, CMMM.mws. The Maple worksheet requires that Maple is available on the computer and that it has been listed as a helper application in the web browser. This is the case for all the computers in the public labs.

Professor: Daniel D. Warner, Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University
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