MTHSC 108H - Calculus of One Variable, II


Professor: Daniel D. Warner Class Room: Martin Hall M-306

Office: Martin Hall O-203 Class Hours 11:15 - 12:05 MWF, 11:00 - 11:50 Th

Office Hours: 9:00 — 11:00 MWF Phone: 656-5244

Class email list: 9908MTHSCH108001-L

Course Objectives

  1. To gain a mastery of the advanced techniques and concepts in the calculus of a single variable and the application of these the techniques to real world problems. Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding and using the results of
  2. To develop problem solving skills.
  3. Instruction will also emphasize analytical, graphical, and numerical approaches using technology. Reasonable proficiency with the use of technology will be expected.


  1. Attendance is mandatory, and you will be responsible for all material covered in class. I reserve the right to drop anyone from the course who has more than four unexcused absences. Roll will be taken until I know all the students.
  2. The comprehensive final will count 25%. The four chapter tests will count 40%. The two projects will count 20%. The quizzes and homework will count 15%.
  3. There will be a basic skills test. There will be three opportunities to pass this test at the 75% level. Failure to pass this test will be recorded as a loss of 5 points on the final grade.


  1. Calculus (Sixth Edition), by Larson, Hostetler, and Edwards.


  1. Transcendental Functions. Sections 5.1 through 5.10.
  2. Applications of Integration. Sections 6.1 through 6.7.
  3. Integration techniques and Improper Integrals. Sections 7.1 through 7.8.
  4. Conics, Parametric Equations, and Polar Coordinates. Sections 9.1 through 9.6.
  5. Infinite Series. Sections 8.1 through 8.10.