PANTS 33 Participant List

If your name does not appear on this list by December 4 you will not be eligible to receive reimbursement for travel so please be sure to register early! Names with a ** are invited speakers, and names with a * are contributed speakers.


Scott Ahlgren (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Brandon Alberts* (University of Connecticut)

Daniel Baczkowski* (University of Findlay)

Candace Barnes (grad, Clemson University)

Brian Beasley* (Presbyterian College)

Lea Beneish* (grad, Emory University)

Matthew Boylan (University of South Carolina)

Stevo Bozinovski (South Carolina State University)

Michael Burr (Clemson University)

Holly-Paige Chaos* (grad, Wake Forest University)

Sunil Chetty* (College of Saint Benedict and Saint Johnís University)

Alexander Clifton (grad, Emory University)

Jack Dalton (grad, University of South Carolina)

Breille Duncan (grad, Cedar Crest College)

Lydia Eldredge* (grad, Florida State University)

Michael Filaseta (University of South Carolina) 

Carrie Finch-Smith (Washington & Lee University)

Luis Finotti (University of Tennessee)

Nathan Fontes (grad, Clemson University)

Kevin Ford** (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Samuel Gross (Noblis, Inc.)

Robert Groth (grad, University of South Carolina)

Joshua Harrington* (Cedar Crest College)

Robert Hough* (Stony Brook)

Kevin James (Clemson University) 

Marvin Jones (grad, Clemson University)

Pin Hung Kao (Flagler College) 

Maryam Khaqan (Emory University) 

Angel Kumchev (Towson University)

Jeffrey Lagarias** (University of Michigan)

Lauren LaRue (Flagler College)

Noah Lebowittz-Lockard

Delong Li* (grad, University of Tennessee)

Thomas Luckner (grad, University of South Carolina)

Nathan McNew* (Towson University)

Jackson Morrow* (grad, Emory University)

Alexis Newton* (grad, Wake Forest University)

Cooper OíKuhn* (undergrad, University of Florida)

Paul Pollack (University of Georgia)

Carl Pomerance** (Dartmouth College)

Tomer Reiter* (grad, Emory University)

Jeremy Rouse* (Wake Forest University)

Soumya Sankar** (grad, University of Wisconsin)

Ikhalfani Solan (South Carolina State University)

David Stone (Georgia Southern University)

Katherine Thompson* (United States Navel Academy)

Frank Thorne (University of South Carolina) 

Jesse Thorner* (University of Florida)

Ognian Trifonov* (University of South Carolina)

Lee Troupe* (Mercer University)

Charlotte Ure* (University of Virginia)

Biao Wang* (University at Buffalo) 

Jiuya Wang** (Duke University)

Yunan Wang (grad, Clemson University)

John Webb (James Madison University)

Haochen Wu (grad, Wake Forest University)

Hui Xue (Clemson University) 

Shaoyun Yi (University of South Carolina)

Gang Yu* (Kent State University) 

Daozhou Zhu* (grad, Clemson University)