Scientific Computing for Scientists and Engineers

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This book is based on our lecture notes from teaching MATH 3650 - "Numerical Methods for Engineers" at Clemson University since 2010. It is geared towards sophomore-level engineering and science students and covers numerical methods for solving problems such as linear systems, nonlinear equations, eigenvalue problems, numerical integration, differential equations, and more.


Nowadays most mathematics done in practice is done on a computer. In engineering it is necessary to solve more than 1 million equations simultaneously, and computers can be used to reduce the calculation time from years to minutes or even seconds. This book explains: How can we approximate these important mathematical processes? How accurate are our approximations? How efficient are our approximations?

Book Details

Title: Scientific Computing For Scientists and Engineers
Authors: Heister, Timo and Rebholz, Leo G.
Publisher: Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter
ISBN 978-3-11-035940-4
Publication Date: May 2015
Ebook ISBN: 978-3-11-035942-8


Code printed in the book to be used with MATLAB/OCTAVE: