2008 Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Computational Number Theory and Combinatorics
Research Projects

Please note that some of these works are still in progress!

Bernoulli Convolutions

This goup consisted of Julia Davis, Michelle Delcourt and Zebediah Engberg and was supervised by Neil Calkin, Jobby Jacob and Kevin James. They studied a combinatorial version of Bernoulli convolutions.

REU Report

Taking the convoluted out of Bernoulli convolutions: A discrete approach

Discrete Bernoulli Convolutions: An algorithmic approach toward bound improvement

Computing the Lang-Trotter Constant

This group consisted of Jason Joyner, Lauren Huckaba and Joshua Schwartz and was supervised by Neil Calkin, Kevin James and Ethan Smith. They studied the Lang-Trotter conjecture and focused on computing the conjectured constant to high precision.

REU Report

Hypercubes Cut by Hyperplanes

This group consisted of Rebecca Myers, Eric Reidl and Veronica Thomas and was supervised by Neil Calkin, Kevin James and Bo Light. They probabilities related to slicing the hypercube in n dimensions by an n-dimensional hyperplane.

REU report