Daniel D. Warner

Martin Hall, O-203
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0975

Professor of Mathematical Sciences
PhD, University of California at San Diego, 1974.

Research Interests:

Numerical Analysis, Computational Science, Parallel Computing, Simulation, and WWW Pedagogy.

Current Schedule

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Current classes (Fall, 2000):

MTHSC 106 Section 18: Calcullus, Mathematics and Modeling.

MTHSC 865: Advanced Data Structures

Selected Publications:

  1. "Maximal Chordal Subgraphs," with P. M. Dearing and D. R. Shier, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 20, 181-190, 1988.
  2. "A Program for Solving Separable Elliptic Equations," with L. C. Kaufman, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 16, 325-351. 1990.
  3. "Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis on a Hypercube Computer," with Kishore Yalamanchili and Subhash Anand, Computers and Structures, 42, 11-20, 1992.

Curriculum material from previous classes:

MTHSC 360: Intermediate Mathematical Computing, Spring 2000.

MTHSC 983: Scientific Simulations in Java, Spring 2000.

MTHSC 208: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations.
Summer Session II, 1998 - A Maple Worksheet which illustrates how to use Maple to work with first order ordinary differential equations.

MTHSC 434/634: Advanced Engineering Mathematics.
Summer Session II, 1998 - Maple answersheets for Test 3 (HTML version), Final Exam (HTML version), and Final Exam (Maple worksheet).

MTHSC 481/983 Special Topics in Computational Mathematics:
MTHSC 481/983 Special Topics in Computational Mathematics:
Summer Session I, 1996 - Exploring Java.