Gabriel Sosa — March 16

The Koszul property and multiRees algebras of strongly stable Ideals. 

Gabriel SosaColgate University

This talk is divided into three parts. The first part introduces the Koszul property, why it is a desirable property for an algebra, along with methods and difficulties in determining when it is satisfied.

The second part introduces Strongly Stable Ideals through examples. We then describe some of their combinatorial properties and what benefits one obtains from studying them. 

In the third part, we discuss a historical overview of results regarding the characterization of Rees and multiRees algebras of Strongly Stable Ideals that are Koszul, starting with a result from Emmanuela DeNegri (1994) up to the most recent result from Selvi Kara, Kuei-Nuan Lina and myself (2020).