Rachelle Bouchat — March 7

Betti numbers of domino ideals

Rachelle BouchatBerea College

Domino ideals are a class of monomial ideals whose generating sets correspond to the sets of domino tilings of a2 x n tableau. It is well known that the number of domino tilings of a 2 x n tableau is given by a Fibonacci number. This talk will consider the graded Betti numbers from the minimal free resolution of a domino ideal, and the relationship between the Fibonacci numbers and the graded Betti numbers of the corresponding domino ideal. Additionally, the application of the Eliahou–Kervaire splitting of a monomial ideal will be discussed within the context of these domino ideals.

Recording: https://clemson.zoom.us/rec/share/pmp-RS1UBB5VlLNmSVkOsrYdxmRygdb34VgoK0Ovl_eNKQGnP7aGb0iKBTmdFgAx.btugum6eOzmMwiEQ?startTime=1646669858000