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I am a mathematician working at Clemson University, and hold the title Dean's Distinguised Professor of Mathematical Sciences. My research interests are in computational and applied mathematics, and I work on all aspects solving nonlinear PDEs involved in fluid simulation, from model development to analysis at the PDE level to discretization and associated analysis to the linear algebra needed to solve the massive block nonsymmetric linear systems that arise, to large scale implementation and to incorporating data into the simulations to improve accuracy. I have also gained recent interest in nonlinear solvers in general, in particular improving them with Anderson acceleration and developing the associated theory. I have published over 120 research papers and 4 books, information for which can be found through the `publications' tab above.

Despite a strong interest in applications, my work is still quite mathematical. More specifically, I am still a mathematician who proves theorems, but for the purpose of solving practical problems faster and more accurately.

I am currently serving as the Division Lead for Mathematics (essentially an associate chair for the math side of the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences). I have previously served as the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies for the School, the Acting Director, and the Associate Director for Instruction. While all I want to do is to do math and teach, I have found over the years that if reasonable people don't get involved in administration then you get unreasonable leaders and everyone suffers.

I hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Pitt, which I completed in 2006. I have supervised research for 11 Ph.D. students, 13 M.S. students, and several undergraduates, details for which can be found through the former students tab above. Here is a link to my math genealogy page.

I serve on the editorial boards for Journal of Numerical Mathematics , and International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling.

Here is an article from Greenville News about a textbook I wrote with Timo Heister.

Mailing address:
O-105 Martin Hall
Clemson University
Clemson SC 29634

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