Matthew J. Saltzman

Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences;
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 1986.

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Box 340975
Clemson University
Clemson SC 29634-0975
864/656-3185, FAX: 864/656-5230

Course Materials

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Area of Interest: Computational Operations Research, Mathematical Programming.

Selected Publications:

  1. R. Bixby and M. J. Saltzman, "Recovering an Optimal Basis from an Interior Point Solution," Operations Research Letters 15, 1994, 169-178.
  2. H.-W. Jung, R. E. Marsten, and M. J. Saltzman, "Methods for Numerical Factorization in Interior Point Methods," ORSA Journal on Computing 6(1), 1994, 94-105.
  3. E. Balas and M. J. Saltzman, "An Algorithm for the Three-Index Assignment Problem," Operations Research 39(1), 1991, 150-161.

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