Applicable and Computational Algebra Lab

Applicable and Computational Algebra Lab at Clemson University studies a wide spectrum of topics in algebra, number theory and their applications in coding theory, cryptography, and symbolic computation. This is a multidisciplinary area of research lying at the cross roads of mathematics, computer science, engineering and science. Potential students are expected to have a strong background in algebra and number theory as well as a desire to solve important problems in science and engineering. Visitors and potential students are welcome to contact any of the faculty members for further details.





  • April 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Brown, Dr. Gao, Dr. James, Dr. Manganiello and Dr. Matthews for the awarded NSF Research Training Groups in the Mathematical Sciences grant titled "RTG: Coding Theory, Cryptography and Number Theory"
  • Fall 2016: Dr. Gao to teach a course in "Lattices and Cloud Data Security"
  • Algebra, Discrete Mathematics Seminar [here]
  • Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar [here]