Past PhD Students

  • Michael Dowling
    (PhD, May 2016, Advisor: Dr. Gao)
    Expander Graphs and Coding Theory.
    (Initial position: )[divider]
  • Sarah Anderson
    (PhD, May 2015, Advisor: Dr. Matthews).
    Applications of Algebraic Geometric Codes to Polar Coding.
    (Initial position: Assistant Professor, University of St Thomas)[divider]
  • Justin Peachey
    (PhD, December 2011, Advisor: Dr. Matthews).
    Explicit bases for Riemann-Roch spaces of function fields with many rational places and applications.
    (Initial position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Davidson College.)[divider]
  • Wittawat Kositwattanarer
    (PhD, 2011, Advisor: Dr. Matthews).
    Pseudocodewords of parity-check codes.
    (Initial position:Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.)[divider]
  • Lori Layne
    (PhD, 2011, Advisor:Dr. Dimitrova).
    Pseudocodewords of parity-check codes.
    Properties and applications of nested and partially nested canalyzing functions.
    (Initial position: Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory.)[divider]
  • Frank Volny
    (PhD, 2011, Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    New Algorithms for Computing Gobner Bases.
    (Initial position: National Security Agency.)[divider]
  • Nathan Drake
    (PhD, December 2009, Advisor: Dr. Matthews)
    Decoding of multipoint algebraic geometry codes via lists.
    (Initial position: Assistant Professor, North Greenville University.)[divider]
  • Raymond Heindl
    (PhD 2009, Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    New Directions in Multivariate Public Key Cryptography.
    (Initial position: National Security Agency.)[divider]
  • Mingfu Zhu
    (PhD 2009, Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    Modelling HIV Drug Resistance.
    (Initial position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy, Duke University.)[divider]
  • Genhua Guan
    (PhD 2009, Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    Factoring Polynomials and Groebner Bases.
  • Jang-Woo Park
    (PhD 2009, Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    Discrete Dynamics over Finite Fields.
    (Initial position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Clemson University.)[divider]
  • Todd Mateer
    (PhD 2008, Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms with Applications.
    (Initial position: National Security Agency.)[divider]
  • Padmapani Seneviratne
    (PhD 2007, Advisor: Dr. Key).
    Permutation decoding of codes from graphs and designs.
    (Initial position: Assistant Professor, American University of Sharjah, UAE.)[divider]
  • Prasit Limbupasiriporn
    (PhD 2005, Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    Hidden subgroup problem in quantum computing.
    (Initial position: faculty member, Department of Mathematics, Silpakorn University, Thailand.)[divider]
  • Jirapha Limbupasiriporn
    (PhD 2005, Advisor: Dr. Key).
    Partial permutation decoding for codes from designs and finite geometries.
    (Initial position: faculty member, Department of Mathematics, Silpakorn University, Thailand.)[divider]
  • Virginia Rodrigues
    (PhD 2003, Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    Multivariate polynomials : irreducibility and Groebner bases.
    (Initial position: Faculty member, PUCRS, Faculdade de Matematica, Brazil.)[divider]
  • Jeffrey Farr
    (PhD 2003 Advisor: Dr. Gao).
    Computing Groebner bases, with applications to Pade approximation and algebraic coding theory.
    (Initial position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, Canada; now at National Security Agency.)[divider]
  • Peng Ding
    (PhD 2000, Advisor: Dr. Key).
    Minimum-weight generators for generalized Reed-Muller codes.
    (Initial position: Financial Analyst, Fair Issac, California.)[divider]
  • Kelle Clark
    (PhD 2000 Advisor: Dr. Key).
    Bounds for the minimum weight of the dual codes of some classes of designs.
    (Initial position: Queen’s College, Charllote, NC.)[divider]
  • Don Mills
    (PhD 1999, Advisors: Drs. Brawley and Gao).
    Root-based polynomial compositions over finite fields.
    (Initial position: Davies Fellow, NCR/ARL/USMA, Amy Research Lab, West Point, NY.)[divider]
  • F. D. Shobe
    (PhD 1997, Advisor: Dr. Key).
    On a class of Steiner systems.
  • Laurel Carpenter
    (PhD 1996, Advisor: Dr. Key).
    Designs and codes from hyperovals.

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