During the spring of each year of the RTG we will run a preliminary examination preparation course for the Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (ADM) preliminary examination. This program is open to all graduate students at Clemson and requires no official enrollment in any course. The preparation course will be taught by a senior level RTG graduate student. The goal is to increase the percentage of students passing the ADM exam and shorten the time students take to complete preliminary examinations, and hence getting them involved in research projects faster.

Past Preliminary Exams:

Old ADM preliminary exams, as well as course materials related to the preliminary exam, can be found here.

Spring 2017 Instructor:

Luke Giberson

Location and Time:

Martin Hall O-010 Mondays 4:00 – 5:00 pm starting January 23, 2017.


There is no official enrollment. If you plan to participate, send Luke an e-mail so he can keep you updated on location or time changes.