At Clemson University, advanced graduate students typically teach stand-alone sections of courses ranging from college algebra through the calculus sequence. We will supplement existing graduate student training by integrating graduate students into the pedagogy of upper-division undergraduate courses and basic graduate courses.

Within an RTG student’s first three years, the student will assist a faculty member in the teaching of an upper-division undergraduate course such as abstract algebra. During the student’s last two years, the student to similarly assist a faculty member in a graduate course such as algebraic number theory or coding theory. In this way, our graduate students will have significantly broader training and experience in teaching than most graduate students. Specific duties of graduate student assistants will include helping to design homework assignments and exams. We also plan for graduate students to prepare and give several lectures. The student will provide the supervising faculty member with prepared materials before the lecture; the faculty member will make comments and suggestions both before and after the lecture. These students will not be used as graders for their primary duty for the course they are assigned. These assignments will count as the student’s departmental teaching assignment for the given semester. This experience will serve as valuable training for a future tenure-track position. It will also serve as a prototype for a new way to mentor graduate student teaching.

Spring 2018

Student: Seth Selken
Faculty: Beth Novick
Course:  Math 4110 Introduction to Combinatorics

Fall 2017

Student: Candace Barnes
Faculty: Malcolm Rupert
Course: Math 4100 Number Theory

Spring 2017

Student: Travis Baumbaugh
Faculty: Sean Sather-Wagstaff
Course: Math 4120 Abstract Algebra

Student: Hugh Geller
Faculty: Jim Coykendall
Course: Math 3190 Introduction to Proof

Fall 2016

Student: Huixi Li
Faculty: Kevin James
Course: Math 4120 Abstract Algebra