Each semester the faculty associated with the RTG will lead creative inquiry groups in topics related to coding theory, cryptography, and number theory.  These will range from introductory level projects suitable for students in or just finishing calculus to advanced topics suitable for students ready to participate in an REU. Students interested in participating in a creative inquiry should contact one of the faculty listed with the project description.  Project proposals by students are always welcome as well.

Potential CI Projects:


Active CI Projects:

  • Modular forms and sums of squares (2016-17)

    Faculty Mentor: Jim Brown

    Fall 2016 Students: Jarryd Boyle, Luna Bozeman, Catherine Kenyon, Sloan Nietert, Trevor Squires, Bo Sun

    Spring 2017 Students: Luna Bozeman, Catherine Kenyon, Trevor Squires, Bo Sun

Previous CI Projects:

  • Coding theory and communication (2014-15)
    Faculty Mentors: Jim Brown and Felice Manganiello
    Students: Patrick Dynes, Rivers Jenkins, Dalton Randall
  • Public key cryptography and elliptic curve (2014-15)
    Faculty Mentors: Jim Brown and Felice Manganiello
    Students: Sam Mixon, Kristen Savary, Ashley Stanziola
  • Applications of number theory to public key cryptography (2013-14)
    Faculty Mentor: Jim Brown
    Students: Andrew Bell, Patrick Dynes, Debra Parmentola, Brittany Rosener