A primary goal of a doctoral advisor is to direct the writing of the dissertations. To better prepare students for the profession, we must also train graduate students to do research beyond the dissertation. Therefore, it is crucial that we expose students to a diverse collection of results and problems and provide collaborative opportunities. To facilitate exposure of our students to important results and conjectures in coding theory, cryptography, and number theory, we will convene weekly reading groups involving faculty, postdocs, and graduate students of all levels.

Student talks will be a major focus of the reading group, followed by group exploration of topics of interest encountered in the lectures. Faculty will assist students in providing motivation and context for the papers we read, and will encourage them to explain examples and details omitted by the authors of the papers. Student presenters will gain valuable experience giving research-level math talks. Participants will be encouraged to typeset their talks, to be posted here.

Spring 2017:

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