During the spring semester of 2018 we will run a reading group on code-based cryptography. The primary source for this material will be the chapter Code-Based Cryptography by Overbeck and Sendrier from the text Post-Quantum Cryptography (Bernstein, Buchmann, and Dahmen, 2009), supported by original references and more recent publications. Notes will be posted on this website as they are available.

Location and Time:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 – 12:15 in Martin E-004


  • Travis Baumbaugh (grad)
  • Jim Brown (faculty)
  • Ben Case (grad)
  • Bobby Fabrizio (grad)
  • Hugh Geller (grad)
  • James Gossell (grad)
  • Kevin James (faculty)
  • Rutuja Kshirsagar (grad)
  • Huixi Li (grad)
  • Hiram Lopez (faculty)
  • Felice Manganiello (faculty)
  • Gretchen Matthews (faculty)
  • Aidan Murphy (grad)
  • Sloan Nietert (undergrad)
  • Andrew Pangia (grad)
  • Malcolm Rupert (faculty)
  • Kristen Savary (grad)
  • Changan Zhao (faculty)


  • Introduction to McEliece and Niederreiter cryptosystems
  • The problem of decoding general linear codes
  • The problem of determining code equivalence
  • Information set decoding
  • Distinguishability of some Goppa codes
  • Classic McEliece NIST proposal
  • List decoding and McEliece
  • Distinguishability of some algebraic geometry codes
  • Subfield subcodes of algebraic geometry codes
  • Codes with locality in McEliece