Math 4190, Summer I 2019

Math 4190, Summer I 2019

"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty." --Bertrand Russell

Class Essentials

Open Textbooks

An Open Textbook is a textbook published under a Creative Commons license, and is usually freely available online. Sometimes, print copies can be purchased at production costs. In this course, we will exclusively use Open resources.


Lecture Notes

Section 1: Sets and counting. Section 2: Logic. Section 3: Basic number theory. Section 4: Relations and functions. Section 5: Cyptography.


Most of the homework will be done on WeBWork, a free online homework system. One pedagogical advantage of this is that it gives you feedback right away on whether you got the answer right or wrong.

I will post the pdf of the WeBWork assignments here. There will also be some written homework assignments for problems involving written proofs.